Minggu, 07 April 2013

Six tips to get maximum benefits from credit cards

A credit/debit card is not rewarding ever until you make it advantageous for you. You can also ruin your financial health, if not used wisely.

Here are six tips for getting the most out of your cash credit.

Avoid annual fees

Make sure that the card is free from annual fees. Most credit card companies fee yearly. In that case, you should check your monthly statement to find out if the broadcaster has accused these charges. Why pay annual fees, when you already pay the interest rate on the card?

Payment by credit card of Miss ever

One of the most important ways to make your cash credit useful is to continue paying monthly bills. Also, avoid using your card if you can pay the balance. If you can’t afford the tab, avoid buying.

Remember, the credit balance accrues cash with debt. As a result, becomes unbearable and eventually ruin your credit score.

Use cash back rewards

Most people tend to use credit card rewards. However, it is relatively less rewarding than cash back rewards.

For example, you get free airfare, if you bought the same ticket for exactly the same price. But to get the $ 100 reward points, you must buy something worth $ 150.

Be familiar with the benefits of the card

It is essential to know all the advantages provided by the card-issuing Institution. While some cards offer free airline miles, others double guarantee of a product you want to buy. Therefore, knowing the benefits that provides. It will also help to avoid paying extra for something you can get for free.

For example, if the card offers free rental car insurance, you can avoid paying additional fees to take advantage of this opportunity.

Remember all of paper

If the memory cannot serve well, you better write all the benefits provided by your card company. It may seem difficult, but it’s rewarding in the long run.

For example, if you purchased a loan of money eight years ago, can remember every detail from then to now? Hence, it is gratifying to write everything on paper for future reference. Suppose you bought a 0% APR card five years ago. Introductory APR now is over. In that case, the card is just useless for your need.

Maximize your card

If you can pay the balance of your card, use it whenever possible. Whether it pays to buy small, you and the seller have both benefited.

For example, the small expense helps earn many points on your card. You can redeem to enjoy many privileges offered by issuers. On the other hand, the seller or merchant that accepts the card huge increase in turnover, cash flow and convenience from the boring process of payment transactions.

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